Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship in New Zealand

The Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship aims to promote oral health education and research while also honoring students who have excelled in the Bachelor of Health Science (Hours) program at AUT.

Host CountryNew Zealand
Host InstitutionAuckland University of Technology
Tenure1 Year
BenefitsTuition fees + Stipend
Closing Date2023-02-15
Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship Summary in New Zealand
Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship in New Zealand
Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship in New Zealand

Benefits of Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship

The scholarship covers expenditures and a student stipend, up to a maximum total value of $12,000, as well as tuition (or its domestic equivalent), student service fees, and other costs. The 120-point Bachelor of Health Science (Hours) program has a scholarship period of only twelve months of full-time study.

Eligibility Criteria

The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for the Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship:

  • No more than two years should have passed since the completion of an oral health-related program for applicants.
  • AUT applicants must have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences (Oral Health) with a B average or higher across all Level 7 courses, or the equivalent for non-AUT graduates.
  • Reapplication for funding for the same study program in subsequent years is not permitted for recipients of this award. Preference will be given to NZ citizens or permanent residents.
  • Candidates must complete the entry requirements for the Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) program with an oral health-related research subject in the first semester of 2020 and intend to study full-time. Those candidates who haven’t yet applied for admission to the program ought to do so right now. Information on the program can be found at:

Application Requirements

The online AUT Scholarship application must be finished and uploaded by the deadline for Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship candidates.

  • Brief CV (two pages maximum).
  • A one-page personal statement outlining the candidate’s academic and professional objectives
  • A brief summary of the planned research subject or area of oral health research interest (no more than two pages).
  • Academic records from tertiary education you’ve already started but haven’t finished at AUT.


A single academic referee must be nominated by the applicant through the online application site. To remark on the applicant’s potential for academic success and eligibility for the scholarship, the applicant’s specified referee will get an email from the AUT CommunityForce application site.

Application Process

Applicants for Colgate AUT Oral Health Scholarship must complete the AUT Scholarship online application by the closing date through.

Official Website

Conditions of Acceptance and Appointment

  • For the first semester of 2020 at AUT, the scholarship recipient must be registered in an approved study program.
  • The selection committee has the right to revoke the scholarship and provide it to another suitable applicant if the recipient is already receiving funding for his or her studies from another scholarship during that time period or for the same course of study.
  • It is not possible to delay the scholarship. If a recipient receives a scholarship but chooses not to accept it, they forfeit the scholarship.
  • If the recipient doesn’t perform up to par or violates any of the scholarship’s or the AUT Academic Regulations’ stipulations, the scholarship may be revoked at any moment.
  • Recipients who choose to request a leave of absence or withdraw from their program must contact the school and scholarship office in writing.
  • Repayment of the entire or a portion of the scholarship may be imposed on recipients who accept it but fail to meet the requirements.

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