BNK601 Handouts, Assignments, Midterm & Final Term Past Papers

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with the banking rules and practices that apply globally, with a focus on Pakistan. Across countries and jurisdictions, banking regulations can differ greatly. This course explains the fundamental concepts governing bank rules globally, with a focus on Pakistan. This course will not only advance students’ knowledge of current banking and ancillary legislation in Pakistan but will also help them improve their ability to analyze legal terminology. This course will assist students in developing professional and legal skills that will enable them to manage legal obligations about banks and financial transactions. This course will be especially helpful to students studying banking and finance.

Course Learning Outcomes

You ought to be able to when the course is finished:

  • A clear understanding of previous and current banking and ancillary laws in Pakistan, with a focus on the Nationalisation Act of 1974, Banking Companies Ordinance of 1962, State Bank of Pakistan Act, of 1956, SBP Banking Services Corporation Ordinance, 2001, Pakistan Banking and Finance Services Commission Act, 1992, Microfinance Institutions Ordinance, 2001, Uniform Customs and Practise for Documentary Credits (UCP 600), Prudential Regulations of SBP, The Financial Institution Act, and Microfinance Institutions Ordinance.
  • clear comprehension of the laws governing banks and financial activities
  • Knowledge of banker-client interactions in detail
  • clear comprehension of letters of credit, lending types, and negotiable instruments
  • clear comprehension of changing client demands and their existence in the light of rules and regulations.

BNK601 Handouts:

Handouts are available on the link “BNK601 Handouts.”.

BNK601 Past Papers:

BNK601 Midterm Past Papers:

BNK601 midterm past papers will be available soon.

BNK601 Final Term Past Papers:

BNK601 final term past papers will be available soon.

BNK601 Assignments:

BNK601 Assignments will be available soon.

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