BNK603 Handouts

The study of providing goods and services to people with a consistent and verifiable income flow is the focus of this course. This course begins with an overview of consumer banking, including deposits, credit cards, mortgage, auto, and personal loans as well as risk assessments for these loans. Next, it looks at mobile and internet banking services, customer asset management systems, the effectiveness of call centers, and a real-world case study.

Course Learning Outcomes

After finishing the course, you will have:

  • Basic knowledge of consumer banking and the banking industry
  • New Concerns in Consumer Banking
  • The Origin and Relevance of Credit Risk: The Main Cause of Bank Losses
  • Risk Assessment and key success factors
  • Knowing How to Use a Variety of Derivative Financial Strategies to Manage Risk and the Concept of Risk Management. Discover How Hedging Can Help Reduce a Company’s Risk Exposure
  • Developing and implementing risk management plans that are in line with corporate objectives
  • a chance to pursue some additional or complementary learning that could aid in their success at work or in their professional lives, such as choosing any career or line of work in general or Banking/Finance in specific

BNK603 Handouts

BNK603 Handouts are available on the link “BNK603 Handouts.”.

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