Multiple Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto for All Students

Thousands of non-repayable awards worth more than $100 million are available each year. These grants and Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto are based on merit, financial need, or a combination of the two.

Why the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the world’s top research universities. U of T’s 44 libraries comprise the third largest library system in North America; They produce more research than almost any other institution on the planet; and our 500,000+ alumni can be found all over the world. A University of Toronto education is not only internationally recognized, but also highly regarded and easily transferable — in fact, its graduates are among the most employable in the world.

The University of Toronto’s reputation draws students from 165 countries and regions (external link). They belong to hundreds of clubs, compete in 25 varsity sports, and have access to unique learning opportunities.

Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers thousands of awards in the form of scholarships and grants to domestic and international students. These awards include need-based or/and merit-based, admission scholarships, in-course scholarships, internal and external scholarships, and many more. The awards are available at all levels i.e. from undergraduate to postdoctoral level.

A number of scholarships are open now, while others will open in October/November.

Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto
Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto

Below are listed some of the scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto:

International Scholar Awards

The International Scholar Awards are given to outstanding international students from all of the University of Toronto’s divisions and faculties. On the basis of merit, selected international students are offered admission. Students are automatically considered for this award, which is worth up to $100,000 over four years of study (up to $40,000 in the first year and $20,000 in the second, third, and fourth years).

Your academic performance and full-time study in your second, third, and fourth years will determine whether your award is renewed (totaling 6 consecutive terms). While renewal is not contingent on achieving a specific minimum grade point average, we anticipate that your high academic achievement will continue and that you will remain “in good standing” as defined by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

More Details

International Merit Admission Award

This award is offered to selected international students upon admission on the basis of merit. This award, worth up to $50,000 in the first year of study, is automatically considered for students. (up to $20,000 in the first year and renewable for $10,000 in the second, third, and fourth years.)

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Admission Awards

The University of Toronto, through its colleges, faculties, and divisions, administers nearly $36 million in admission awards. When you apply to U of T, eligible high school students (including international candidates) are automatically considered for a variety of admission scholarships.

The University of Toronto also provides admission awards to Canadian students based on criteria such as financial need, academic merit, Indigenous background, first-generation students, demonstrated leadership, and so on. These awards require a separate supplementary application.

Admission Awards

Awards for Current Students

More than 500 awards are available from the Faculty of Arts & Science to current undergraduate students who excel in their coursework and extracurricular pursuits.

Awards for current students

In-Course Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto

In addition to our admission scholarships, students at the University of Toronto have access to over 5,900 in-course scholarships each year. We recommend that international students use the Award Explorer to view other scholarships that may be available to them by selecting the appropriate filters. In-Course awards are offered by various sources. If you meet the award criteria, you can apply for multiple awards on a single U of T Student Award Application Form. Each term requires a separate application form.

Details and Apply

Undergraduate Awards

The majority of our international undergraduate admission scholarships are automatically awarded as part of the admissions review process. The University of Toronto Scholars Program and the President’s Scholars of Excellence Program are the two major admissions awards. Because they are merit-based, no separate application is required.

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National Scholarship

Original and creative thinkers, community leaders, and high academic achievers are all recognized by the National Scholarship program. It is the University of Toronto’s most prestigious award for Canadian high school students entering the university, and National Scholars receive full-ride scholarships.

The National Scholarship will pay for tuition, incidentals, and living expenses for up to four years of study. Finalists who are not named National Scholars receive Arbor Scholarships worth $7,500 in the first year and $1,500 per year for the next three years of undergraduate study. The scholarship is only available to students at the University of Toronto.

National Scholarship details

External Scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto

External awards are given to currently enrolled the University of Toronto students by outside organizations. The external organization chooses the recipient and sends the award amount and award details directly to the University of Toronto. If a tuition invoice is required, the student must send it directly to the external organization through ACORN.

Fully Funded Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

The University of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships offers an unparalleled opportunity for outstanding international students to study at one of the world’s best universities in one of the world’s most multicultural cities. These annual scholarships honor outstanding students from around the world, including international students enrolled in Canadian high schools. Pearson Scholars are awarded full-ride scholarships.

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship details

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Toronto (U of T) is a fully funded graduate scholarship program at Canada’s leading learning, discovery, and knowledge creation institution. The University of Toronto is proud to be one of the world’s top research-intensive universities, with a strong desire to invent and innovate.

For the duration of their graduate degrees, scholars in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T receive full financial assistance for tuition, travel expenses to Canada (including obtaining a passport and visa application fees), housing, course materials, health insurance, laptop, food, books, and other expenses.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Karta Catalyst Scholarships

The Karta Catalyst Scholarship Program aims to provide talented, low-income students from rural India with the opportunity to study at the University of Toronto. Prior to applying to universities in the United Kingdom and Canada, potential scholars participate in the Karta Initiative. This program was established for the first time at the University of Toronto in the Fall of 2019.

Karta Catalyst Scholarships

University of Toronto Scholars Program

Outstanding domestic and international secondary school students are automatically considered for these awards based on their grade point average at the time of admission (applicants who have previously attended a post-secondary institution are not eligible for U of T Scholars consideration).

There are approximately 700 admission awards with a value of $7,500.

Details and Apply

Undergraduate Computer Science Scholarships

The University of Toronto offers extensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievements at various levels of study. The Computer Science Scholarships and Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of our undergraduate students. Each year, awards are subject to availability. Some of the awards do not require an application, while others require a separate application.

Undergraduate Computer Science Scholarships

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a student aid program funded by the government. Grants and loans are used to fund the project. OSAP assumes your parent(s), guardian(s), or spouse, if applicable, will contribute financially to your educational expenses. When you apply for OSAP, the income of your parent, guardian, or spouse will be considered. If you apply for and are approved for OSAP, you will be automatically considered for other sources of funding, such as non-repayable grants through the University of Toronto Advanced Planning for Students (UTAPS) program.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program promotes academic excellence at Ontario’s publicly funded universities. The scholarship program at U of T is funded jointly by the province of Ontario and the university. A limited number of OGS awards are available to Canadian and international students studying or planning to study at the University of Toronto on a temporary resident visa (student study permit).

Details and Application Process

How do I get Financial Aid?

Domestic Students

If you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or protected person, there are numerous financial aid options available to help you cover the costs of your University of Toronto education, ranging from OSAP and other government aid to University assistance. Investigate your options.

International Students

If you are an international applicant, you should research your home country’s financial aid programs to see if you are eligible for scholarships in Canada at the University of Toronto. Because the University of Toronto is a publicly funded institution, international students are not eligible for financial aid.

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