CS411 Handouts, Assignments, Mid & Final Term Past Papers

CS411 Handouts, Assignments, Mid & Final Term Past Papers are discussed below. Graphical user interfaces and the event-driven approach as they relate to desktop, web, and mobile applications are the topics of this course. It builds from the ground up using what you already know. It’s a practical course. You should concentrate on doing programming tasks in order to comprehend the content because we will utilize examples in class.

An event is something that happens within a specific system or domain. There are two interpretations: an actual occurrence and a computer-world detection that corresponds to it. A single event may capture “one” occurrence, but numerous events may each catch “some” of the real occurrence. Probabilistic occurrences, for example, may or may not be connected to actual events. an instance of fraud detection during a banking transaction. An event-object is a representation of every event. There are many different kinds of events, and information on each sort of event includes specifics.

CS411 Handouts, Assignments, Mid & Final Term Past Papers

Such as a key press or file event. Consider the example of a coffee shop. There are constantly happenings. With this example, let’s examine synchronous versus asynchronous behavior. If an order is finished, the coffee is ready, and the pastries are cooked before the next synchronized behavior order. Take computer system events as an example. On a computer, interruptions and exceptions, e.g. Subtract zero. sensors used to monitor the patient. Car sensors that sound an alarm in case of low oil pressure. monetary alerts. road tolls. Etc. The act of performing computations on events is known as event processing.

Reading, creating, altering, and deleting events are examples of frequent event processing processes. Event-based programming, also known as event-driven architecture, refers to the design, development, and operation of programmed that employ events, either directly or indirectly. Why not? Event-driven programming is not required. We’ll poll people about events. You still wait for events even if your application is not event-driven. Waiting for one event at a time is blocking.

Before the subsequent operation can begin, synchronous operations must be finished. Asynchronous procedures. Why should we use event-based applications. They are simpler to climb. Suitable for Visual development environments with numerous GUI components and event sources. It directly maps to the real world. It is deterministic, meaning that a real-world scenario and its representation have an exact mapping in the system for processing events. The event processing system delivers an approximate representation of the real world while also being approximate.

What kind of events can therefore be found in non-real time applications. keyboard and mouse, supplemental GUI element events, file events, and message-based events. The decoupling concept underlies events. Let’s contrast request-response based design with events. Requests are asking for something to happen, whereas events have already occurred. Clients or service providers are contacted by service requesters. Event producers send events to event consumers in event-driven architecture. What are the advantages of each representation of a client order, an event or a request?

Lesson Learning Objectives

Align the pupils with the newest software development technologies.

  • Students should have a solid foundation in programming.
  • Microsoft should be well-known to students.using the Internet
  • Students should be able to solve any.Net-related programming problem.
  • Students should be able to switch to any other Microsoft.net version that has been implemented.

An entity at the edge of an event processing system is referred to as an event producer creates new events for the system. EVENT CONSUMER: An entity at the edge of an event processing system is referred to as an event consumer is notified of occurrences via the system. An event that is introduced into an event processing system by an event is referred to as a “raw event.” producer. DERIVED EVENT: An event that is produced as a result of event processing is referred to as a derived event. This occurs within an event processing system.

PROCESSING OF STATELESS EVENTS When an event processing agent behaves in a stateless manner, the way it responds to one event has no bearing on how it responds to other ones. THEATRE STREAM A collection of related events is known as an event stream (or stream). The events in the stream are frequently in a clearly defined timestamp-based order, which is known as a chronologically fully ordered collection. A homogeneous event stream is one in which every event must be of the same type, while a heterogeneous event stream allows for the possibility of multiple types of occurrences.
Following are some event agents.

During this lecture, C# will be covered. Let’s start with a brief history of Java and J++ before that. Microsoft wished to expand Java in order to connect it to COM. That would have made the Java platform reliant, something Sun did not desire. Microsoft desired a pristine Java implementation. A clean-room implementation is what? Reverse engineering a design and then replicating it without violating any of the copyrights and trade secrets connected to the original design is known as “clean room design,” commonly referred to as the “Chinese wall technique.”

Should we utilize “change events” instead of sending a request to query the state, for example. While requests cannot be considered to have significance independent of their makers and consumers, events can. Push events frequently have only one direction. Producers and consumers are separated by events. Asynchronous event processing is a possibility. There may be multiple consumers, each of whom will interpret it differently.

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