Study in Finland – Aalto University Scholarship Program

The Aalto University Scholarship Program aims to recognize outstanding non-EU/EEA students. Aalto University Scholarships are merit-based and awarded on a competitive basis.

Study in Finland - Aalto University Scholarship Program
Study in Finland – Aalto University Scholarship Program

Alto University

Situated in Espoo, Finland, Aalto University is a public research university. Three significant Finnish universities—the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki—merged to form the new institution in 2010. The goal of the strong partnership between the business, scientific, and artistic groups is to promote multidisciplinary research and teaching.

The university is the second largest in Finland, consisting of six schools, with approximately 17,500 students and 4,000 staff members. Otaniemi, Espoo is home to Aalto University’s main campus. The Aalto University Executive Education is located in Helsinki’s Töölö neighborhood.

Aalto University Scholarship

For Master’s Admissions, scholarships are awarded during the academic evaluation stage as part of the course admissions process. For each field of study, the best applicants eligible for tuition fees can receive scholarships. Academic assessment criteria are available on the Study Options website.

The number of scholarships per course is limited and depends on the total number of non-EU/EEA students selected per course.

Scholarship Amount

The Aalto University Scholarship covers 50% (Category B) or 100% (Category A) of the tuition fee. Aalto University Scholarships are awarded as tuition waivers.

Currently, Aalto University does not offer university-wide scholarships to cover living expenses in Finland. Students are expected to cover all living expenses (approximately 800 euros per month) and other research-related expenses from their own funds.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

You can apply for the scholarship when you submit an application to Aalto University if you are a non-citizen of the EU or EEA. A portion of the admissions application is the scholarship application.

A question will appear on the application to determine the fee burden. If you are considered a tuition student, you will be offered the option of whether or not to apply for an Aalto University scholarship. Only students who are eligible for tuition fees at Aalto University are eligible to apply for Aalto University Scholarships (i.e. tuition waiver).

Grants must be applied for during the application period. You cannot apply for the scholarship after the application deadline. If you do not apply by the application deadline, you will not be able to receive the scholarship.

Grant Decisions

Grants are awarded to the best applicants. Applicants are ranked according to eligibility criteria (eligibility criteria can be found on the eligibility website).

For admission to the Master’s Program, scholarship decisions are made after an academic evaluation of applicants selected for the degree program. Applications will be evaluated programmatically according to pre-defined academic evaluation criteria available on the Study Options website.

Finnish Scholarships for Master Students

Finnish Scholarships are part of the Finnish National Scholarship Program awarded by Aalto University and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Finnish Scholarship Program will run from 2022 to 2024. Non-EU/EEA applicants who are eligible for tuition fees at Aalto University are eligible to apply for Finland Scholarships.

Scholarships are performance-related and awarded competitively according to the academic criteria of the respective study area (available on the study area website). For each field of study, the best applicants eligible for tuition fees can receive scholarships.

Scholarship Amount

The Finland Scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee (granted as a tuition fee waiver) and 5,000 Euro (€) relocation expenses and other expenses for the first year of study.

After the student arrives in Finland and enters the university as a visiting student, €5000 will be transferred to the Finnish bank account. The €5,000 scholarship is paid only once for the first year.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Non-EU/EEA applicants who are subject to tuition fees at Aalto University can apply for the Finnish Scholarship using the same application form at the same time as applying for the Master’s program. You cannot apply for the scholarship after the application deadline.

Scholarship Decision
A scholarship decision will be issued at the same time as the admission notification.

University law does not allow you to contest scholarship notifications.

Duration of Scholarship

Tuition fee waivers are granted for the standard length of study of the course. The standard term of study is two years for her full-time master’s program. Scholarships require full-time study and study following an approved personal study plan.

Scholarships for Bachelor’s Degree (taught in English) at Aalto University to Advance to Master’s Degree Program

All tuition-fee liable Aalto bachelor’s program (taught in English) students have the opportunity to continue their studies in the Aalto master’s program under the terms of their original 3+2 right to study by applying for a full scholarship.

The scholarship pays all tuition costs for the master’s program’s standard length at 100%. (i.e. two years or four terms). The normative period is considered to begin immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree unless you register as a non-attendee for legal reasons.

When submitting the request for a bachelor’s degree graduation in Sisu, the scholarship application is made. In connection with the scholarship selection, a document titled “Aalto University’s Scholarship Terms” will be sent.

Aalto University Incentive-Based Scholarship

In addition to tuition waiver scholarships, Aalto University offers incentive-based scholarships. To apply, simply follow the information and instructions in the email that the schools send out towards the end of the spring term about incentive-based scholarships to submit an application. Please get in touch with student services if you are a fee-paying student and have not received the email by the end of May or if you are unsure of your eligibility. The end of October is the deadline for submissions for the scholarships.

The incentive is €1,500. Scholarships will be paid out in the following fall semester (or after completion, if applicable). The Incentive-Based Scholarship can be granted more than once.

Fulbright Aalto University Graduate Award for MSc Students from the United States

The Fulbright Aalto University Graduate Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship for Aalto University master’s degree students from the United States.

This award offers many benefits, including a generous cost of living, comprehensive support services, and excellent networking opportunities.

The Fulbright Award submission deadline is usually early October.

This award has a dual application process. Separate applications must be submitted:

  • Fulbright Scholarship Competition and
  • Aalto University Master’s Program Admissions.
  • Applicants must submit an application for the Aalto University Scholarship if they wish to receive a Fulbright scholarship and an Aalto tuition waiver.

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